Email Plans Only

Plans (Paid Yearly) For Organizations and Community Email
Disk Space 10 GB
Email Acount 10,000
2 Years Pre-Payment
1 Year Pre-Payment
99.9% uptime yes
No Contract yes
Free Setup Upto 5 days

Unlimited or Unmetered

We don't offer unlimited here. The myth is exactly what it is there is no such thing as unlimited email hosting; it’s a very misleading fact that most of the email hosting services even the traditional ones used to capture the attention of the crowd. Greed or Gluttony is something a lot of individuals find hard to resist when we see words like “unlimited”,“unmettered” or “free” we are automatically attracted to them and we want to make sure that we can have access to those services that has been the case with “unlimited”, when a person sees something like this he tends to think that this hosting services cost much more than the other one and doesn’t even promise unlimited? What they don’t consider is that the one which costs more is being way more truthful than one who is promising them unlimited.This means there is no such thing called unlimited and it is a marketing gimmick, there are some sort of limits hiding behind. more...

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